Why you, as a professional designer, should use methodologies at time to create experiences?

Or… why the right question may be:

Do you really need methodologies at time to create great experiences? Ok, let’s go.

To create great experiences for the users and your audience you will need, not commonly named methodologies, but some organization to start working on it.  Organization is equal to methodologies, and this last one are grouped of complex of items that are part of a main group, called methodologies. If you have main points at time to start working on a project and you know you have to deal with an structure and must follow it, this could be named a “methodology” but you will not necessarily need them.

To create great experiences you are going to need previous experience and a background of what are you doing, imagine if you are working on a project for blinds but you don’t have any idea of them, what will you do? Nothing inside your mind if you don’t have previous experience or information will be useful and your project/work, in a 100 %, will fail.

If you have the background and you are in the right environment, you probably will use some structures and start with task to be done you already did before, but in the way you can change the manner to act and you can pivot without following any methodology, nothing will ensure that your project will be the best if you follow some rules, the main thing to have in mind is start working on projects you have experience or have idea of how do they work, what are you going to need to start working on it, and make sure you can achieve your goals, then, use or not methodologies will be on you.