The usability and design is practically the same as interactivity design (IxD), both are used to let the user know the whole product before the final launch.

When you use an app…

Are you comfortable with it?

Do you want to change stuff inside it? Like elements, texts, banners, images, functions, links, features, motions, etc.

Of course you want.

Let’s take a deep look into Brailling as we did inside interact design: the first and main idea, interactivity, user friendly and usability design skills are used every single moment to improve accessibility.

Brailling born in 2016, hundreds and hundreds of apps like mine born with Brailling too, and this is not only copy and paste fast skills :D, this is the first spot to analyze:

  1. Nobody cares about accessibility except big companies. Half true.
  2. Nobody except people or friends/family from people who has any disability cares about accessibility. Half true.
  3. Nobody except people who really wanted to change the way we are used to live, cares about accessibility. True.

In point number one we can analyze a subjective question to any person, big companies want to have more users inside theirs platforms, that is truth, so they have decided to enlarge the way they were used to make things and include accessibility in many projects besides their main ones.

In point number two we can watch something really subjective, because, what will happen if somebody close to us start with any disability? We will find the way to help him/her, but the people are not like us, hopefully the majority will think that this point nailed it, but we have to think that not everyone is like us.

And the final point right now, I highlighted this one because people, like me, who really wants a change inside technology and really cares about what they do, think about accessibility the way to improve tech for those people who are needing the immediately change for now. Change, improve, are different ways to think about user experience and accessibility together.


Juan Manuel Jacinto

Head of UX/UI & IxD and Founder of Brailling: a launcher for Android, which is included in the industry of mobile accessibility and telephony.