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I wanna show to you the power of the solutions based on the already existed world problems, so here we have an app to help us recycling!

Recicly Juan Jacinto's Website
Recicly App

Melisa Perrotta, made an app to help the users at the time to recycle.

Recicly MarketShare Juan Jacinto's Website
The Problem / The Solution

The problem is the future. Lethal heat conditions, lack of access to drinking water (2 billion people), ecosystem collapse, see level raising daily, and we can keep describing many unecofriendly problems in the world.

So, the solution? The solution is now. Recycle, buddy.

Recicly Juan Jacinto's Website
Market Size

The market size is pretty big:

  • 2017: 265B / USD.
  • 2024: 377B / USD.
Recicly Juan Jacinto's Website
Wireframes / Low Fidelity
Recicly Juan Jacinto's Website
Wireframes / High Fidelity

Recicly helps you to reuse material you don’t wanna have anymore, so you will collect points and those points could be used to exchange for other elements inside the app’s market.

You can trade. You can recycle. You can save the world and be #ecofriendly.