I am an online teacher of User Experience and User Interface Design & Research. This section is for them, for my students.

I am gonna start with Jessica Rabotnicoff, who made an app to look for experiences online.

Travelers wanna see prices lower than older times. Cheaper is better (for them). So here it is the problem and how to solve it according Jessica:

The Problem / The Solution

Wireframing is important to start making it real, here is the evolution of the product.

Wireframes / Low Fidelity
Wireframes / High Fidelity

Not everyone knows about userflows or whatever this means technically. It’s really important to make one if you are going to work with a team (devs and designers). These are the ways, the different paths the user has inside the app to make the company achieve its goals.


Here you can find Jessica on her social media, so you can ask her whatever you think about this product.