Generate great experiences with great interviews.

This is really important for you to understand:

If you didn’t make any interview before to start your project, your are done.


Let’s start this article making reference to Brailling, my project for visual impaired people. Do you really believe that I could make something like this without previously asking some questions to the real users? This is unreal! Everybody needs to make questions before to start any project, startup or company, but, regarding this question, a lot of people (blind and not) questioned myself to make something unusable for the community because of the braille.

Braille is not commonly used by the blind community in this new century, but that doesn’t mean you, as a blind user, don’t need to comprehend, understand and know the whole system and methodologies of use, writing and reading because of this massiviness waves of touch screens, voice recognizers and launchers era.

So, I made more than 40 interviews to accomplish this 3 years (and more) of accessibility project for the society, and this is the main concept of making interviews:

Know the users. Meet the users. Be one with the users.


Juan Manuel Jacinto

Head of UX/UI & IxD and Founder of Brailling: a launcher for Android, which is included in the industry of mobile accessibility and telephony.