The best for everyone. Let’s make this hashtag tendency: #accessibility.

I decided to name this article “Let’s Go Accessibilitybecause I believe in the big wave coming up for those who haven’t got the same possibility as the common users.

Accessibility is the keyword we are going to highlight. #accessibility for everyone, everywhere. Imagine yourself living like a blind person. Everything you did or you are used to do will change, everything will be harder, waking up, cooking, running, training, making the breakfast, dinner, going to any place, each possibility that is on your mind right now will change and will be harder.

Accessibility is everything that helps you make your life easier. If you have a difficulty at the time to walk, maybe a ramp on the sidewalk will help you to walk on the street. If you are blind and you have a traffic light with speakers in every street, this will improve your quality of life when walking and visiting places on any city.

We have to find accessibility every time at every moment; every single step we make we need to think on others who, maybe, can’t make the step in the same way as you did.

Technology has been improved with time, but the thing here is very funny because we live in a society which recently made the touch screen for mobiles (touch screen was made in 80s but recently implemented in every single object a few years ago). With the first iPhone in the market, Steve Jobs in to top of the innovator’s list of this XXI century, Apple was the best company ever. Technology raised higher and from that moment everything began to change, for goodor bad.

Can you really imagine someone using a phone (touchscreen/smartphone) without seeing what is happening?

I will answer this question for you.

Accessibility is here to help and improve technology, but we all know that most of the apps are created for the average users.

I will focus on the blind community: the biggest niche inside Disabilities. The blinds represent almost more than 60 % of these conditions and they are still being neglected by the industry. The blinds don’t live for tech and tech neither; this is a mutual fact. But blind users need technology to be accessible and technology doesn’t need to be. I wrote an article about the introduction to accessibility, please take a deep look inside this beautiful post.

Blinds use technology only when they need to use it, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to have some fun or spend time using it. The time is priceless for everyone and we have to spend it like we want to.

Luckily, we can say that big companies have taken care about this, Android, by Google, made and improves every day –TalkBack. iOS did the same with SiriVoiceOver.

#Accessibility needs to be everywhere to create useful stuff.

Juan Manuel Jacinto

Head of UX/UI & IxD and Founder of Brailling: a launcher for Android, which is included in the industry of mobile accessibility and telephony.